Channels™ Burs


Channels™ Safe End Access Bur

For use after initial penetration, this long safe-ended tungsten carbide FG access bur opens up the pulp chamber and the rounded non-cutting tip prevents perforation of both the pulp chamber and root canal walls

Designed to prevent perforations during endodontic access procedures, and to express debris more effectively than traditional carbide burs. Length: 21mm

SKU#: 202-0372

Channels™ Endo Diamond Burs

  • Endodontic diamond instruments available in 3 sizes
  • Designed with a special diamond coating to assist in gaining initial access to the pulp chamber and restoration finishing
Safe-End Access Diamond Bur Safe-End Access Diamond Bur

Flame–0.015mm with Safe-End Pin. Used to achieve optimal straight-line access to the canal system.

Access Diamond Bur Access Diamond Bur

#2 Round–0.014mm. Ideal for initial penetration to gain straight-line access to all canals and minimize chances of file separation.

Finishing Diamond Bur Finishing Diamond Bur

#368 Football–0.025mm. Used for initial access through dentin, metal, porcelain and zirconium restorations while conserving the healthy tooth.

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