Channels® Performance Taper NiTi Rotary Files

Channels Performance Taper NiTi Rotary Files

Enhancements have been made to the new Channels® Performance Taper NiTi Rotary Files to create superior cutting efficiency and flexibility. These enhancements ensure that Channels Performance Taper will address nearly all of your treatable and complex root canals.

Channels Performance Taper feature an innovative design that enhances the file flexibility and durability allowing a clinician to complete even the most complex cases. A variable pitch allows for less engagement along the length of the instrument.

Comprised of 8 instruments — three G-Series “gates replacements” for optimally shaping the coronal two-thirds of the canal and five C-Series “finishing files” for apical preparation — the Channels Performance Taper System provides an efficient way to complete root canal therapy.

The G-Series

The G-SeriesThe G-Series Straight-line access and preparation of the coronal third are critical to navigating complex root systems. The G1, G2, and GX files prepare the coronal two-thirds of the root and allow a clinician to refine their straight-line access by using the instruments in a brushing motion.

“G” Series
6 Per Box
Tip 19MM 21MM 25MM 31MM
GX 202-0220
G1 202-0221 202-0222 202-0223
G2 202-0224 202-0225 202-0226
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The C-Series

The C-SeriesProper canal preparation is needed to allow irrigants to properly disinfect the canal prior to obturation. The C1–C5 files give clinicians the versatility to achieve final apical preparation equivalent to ISO sizes 20–50.

“C” Series
6 Per Box
Tip ISO 21MM 25MM 31MM
C1 20 202-0227 202-0228 202-0229
C2 25 202-0230 202-0232 202-0233
C3 30 202-0234 202-0235 202-0236
C4 40 202-0237 202-0239 202-0240
C5 50 202-0241 202-0242 202-0243
Assorted 202-0244 202-0245
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