Channels® PT™ Platinum Heat-Treated NiTi Rotary Files

Channels® PT™ Platinum Heat-Treated NiTi Rotary Files

The Next Generation of Channels PT Rotary Files Are Here!

The Channels PT Platinum files were designed using the same sequence of files and geometries as the Channels PT rotary files, simply with heat-treated metallurgy. With these enhancements, clinician’s will experience increased flexibility and improved cyclic fatigue resistance to reduce the risk of file separation. Ultimately, improving the level of clinical excellence during root canal treatment.

The G-Series

Straight-line access and preparation of the coronal third are critical to navigating complex root systems. The G1, G2, and GX files prepare the coronal two-thirds of the root and allow a clinician to refine their straight-line access by using the instruments in a brushing motion.

Channels® PT Platinum NiTi Rotary File G-Series
  Tip 19MM 21MM 25MM 31MM
  GX 202-0377
  G1   202-0378 202-0379 202-0381
  G2   202-0382 202-0383 202-0384
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The C-Series

Proper canal preparation is needed to allow irrigants to properly disinfect the canal prior to obturation. The C1–C5 files give clinicians the versatility to achieve final apical preparation equivalent to ISO sizes 20–50.

Channels® PT Platinum NiTi Rotary File C-Series
  Tip ISO 21MM 25MM 31MM
  C1 20 202-0385 202-0386 202-0387
  C2 25 202-0388 202-0389 202-0390
  C3 30 202-0391 202-0392 202-0393
  C4 40 202-0394 202-0395 202-0396
  C5 50 202-0397 202-0398 202-0399
  Assorted   202-0400 202-0401  
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