Channels RF™ Reciprocating Files


  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Excellent Resistance to Cyclic Fatigue
  • Heat-Treated Metallurgy
  • Simplified Treatment Protocol

A Single-file reciprocating system that efficiently shapes the root canal to a constant, tapered funnel. Enhances adequate irrigation in the root canal and provides consistent shape for 3D obturation with gutta percha. Designed to provide improved strength and resistance to cyclic fatigue. Operates in a reverse cutting action with a preprogrammed motor that moves the files in a reverse-reciprocating motion.


Channels RF™ Reciprocating Files
3 Per Box
1 @ 37.49 Ea.
  Size Tip 21MM 25MM 31MM
  Small 20 202-1103 202-1138 202-1139
  Primary 25 202-1140 202-1141 202-1142
  Large 40 202-1143 202-1144 202-1145
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